Maximize Your Google Ads Campaigns

Maximize Your Google Ads Campaigns


  • Master the possibilities offered by Google Ads
  • Establish realistic objectives
  • Maximize your ROI


1. Master the basics of paid search advertising

  • Role of paid search in digital media
  • Paid versus organic search
  • Different purchasing platforms
  • Auction system
  • Structure and operation of an account, main settings and other fundamentals

2. Choosing the right keywords

  • Keywords versus queries
  • Keyword categories
  • Match types
  • Themes/contexts to be targeted
  • Budget and KPI estimation

3. Structure and prioritize your keyword lists

  • Priorities and choices based on estimates
  • Organization of campaigns and ad groups
  • Workshop: Creating a tree structure of campaigns and ad groups

4. Maximize your use of ad formats

  • Different types of ads and features
  • Personalization of ads and dynamic features
  • Best practices for copywriting
  • Roles and types of ad extensions
  • Workshop: Creating lists of keywords, ads and extensions

5. Create and publish your campaigns online

  • Creating and setting up a Google Ads account
  • Creation and configuration of conversions and statistics related to the site
  • Creation and configuration of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, negative keywords, ads, extensions, etc.
  • Demo: Set up and launch your campaigns

6. Create and publish your campaigns online

  • Organize and prepare your account for optimization
    • Nomenclature
    • Labels, filters, etc.
    • Displaying essential metrics
  • Optimization Strategies
    • Keywords and auctions
    • Ads and extensions
    • Settings
    • Organize your optimization process, steps and priorities

7. Discover the resources to equip yourself, deepen your knowledge and stay up to date.


  • A full day (7h)
  • Workshops and practical exercises to deepen your knowledge.


  • Everything is included: lunch, health break, dinner, and learning material.
  • Required equipment: Laptop