Get and Maximize Your Google Ads Grant

Get and Maximize Your Google Ads Grant


  • Understand the Google Grants program, its functions and evolution
  • Understand the principles of subsidized search advertising and develop your strategy
  • Learn how to create, configure, launch and optimize your campaign.


1. Understanding the Google Grants program

  • Overview of digital tools specifically dedicated to NPOs
  • History and evolution of the Google Grants program
  • Strengths, weaknesses and role of paid referencing among the media
  • Differences between a regular Google Ads account and a Google Grants account
  • Opportunities, limitations and alternatives
  • Eligibility and registration process
  • [Workshop] Open your account and complete the registration process.

2. Building a solid foundation

  • Understanding the functioning of the auction system and its implications
  • Key concepts related to keywords, queries, ads, extensions, etc.
  • Identification and categorization of keyword themes
  • How to structure your advertising account (campaigns and ad groups)
  • Estimate the potential of your campaigns
  • [Workshop] Create your own ad account structure.

3. Create your keyword lists

  • Distinction between queries and keywords
  • Master the different match types
  • Tools and techniques to create positive and negative keyword lists
  • [Workshop] Create your own keyword lists.

4. Create your ads and extensions

  • Types of text ads
  • Types of advertising extensions
  • Tools and best practices for creating ads and extensions
  • [Workshop] Create your own ads and extensions.

5. Post online and configure your campaigns

  • Online tools and processes
  • Connection with Google Analytics and setting of objectives
  • [Workshop] Setting up and launching your own campaigns

6. Analyze and optimize your campaigns

  • Performance indicators to be prioritized or avoided
  • Main optimization techniques
  • Analysis and measurement of real impacts
  • Tools for creating dashboards
  • [Demonstration] Measuring, analyzing and optimizing Google Grants campaigns

7. Debrief

  • Review of the training
  • Additional tools and online resources
  • Next Steps


  • A full day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


  • Everything is included: lunch, health breaks and dinner.
  • Teaching material
  • Required equipment: Laptop