Digital Marketing Bootcamp:
From strategy to analysis

Digital Marketing Bootcamp:
From strategy to analysis


  • Understanding the latest advertising opportunities
  • Master your placements on Google, YouTube, Facebook…
  • Maximize your impact and optimize your budget


1. Understanding the world of digital advertising

  • Understand the differences between traditional and digital media
  • Understand changes in consumer behaviour, with concrete examples in various industries
  • Identify digital opportunities
  • Jargon, definitions and key concepts
  • Workshop: Calculate the effective media cost and compare different metrics

2. Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, particularities and main performance indicators of the different media.

  • Paid Search (Google, Yahoo and Bing)
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Video and banners (premium and programmatic purchases)
  • Emerging advertising platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Workshop: Practical exercises in Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads

3. Discover the possibilities to maximize your performance

  • Define your media strategy and digital plan
  • Main optimization strategies
  • How to adapt your creatives and messages
  • Types of retargeting and data management (cookies, email imports, etc.)
  • Automation and customization possibilities
  • Workshop: Analyze the current collection and management of your web data
  • Workshop: Practical exercises in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

4. Measure your results

  • Calculate online and offline conversions
  • Evaluate the impact of multi-channel
  • Discover the attribution techniques
  • Master the analysis and calculation of your investment return
  • Workshop: Calculate the return on advertising investment and the real return on investment

5. Become a savvy advertiser

  • Good practices to maintain an effective and sustainable relationship with the agency
  • Online tools to be aware of
  • Resources to stay sharp


  • Two full days (14h)
  • Workshops and hands-on exercises to deepen your knowledge


  • Everything is included: lunch, health break and dinner.
  • Required equipment: Laptop