Facebook Advertising Training

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Facebook Advertising Training

Description of the training

Facebook is part of our daily life. As a user, you can’t go a day without browsing your news feed. As a brand, it becomes a must to reach as many people as possible. However, with the recent changes in the algorithm, it is more and more difficult for a brand to be visible. While Facebook insists on investing more in its platform.

Now, advertising options are plentiful and it’s easy to mingle. The goal of this training is to shed more light on the possibilities in Facebook Ads, from planning, deployment, and optimization of campaigns to measuring results.


  • Learn how to use the Facebook Ads platform effectively
  • Learn how to plan and deploy a campaign
  • Learn how to measure and optimize a campaign


  • One hour and a half
  • In groups
  • By videoconference (the link will be sent by email)


  • Teaching material
  • Required equipment: laptop computer