Google Ads: Plan, Build and Optimize Your Advertising Campaigns

  • Training session
  • Virtual

Google Ads: Plan, Build and Optimize Your Advertising Campaigns


  • Understanding and mastering the possibilities offered by Google Ads
  • Planning a digital media campaign optimally
  • Maximizing the return on investment of your campaigns


I. Introduction to Paid Referencing

  • Understanding the role of paid referencing
  • Understanding the difference between paid listing and organic listing
  • Be familiar with the different purchasing platforms and the auction system
  • Structure a Google Ads account and know the main parameters

II. Choosing the Right Keywords

  • Choosing the right keywords and queries
  • Be familiar with the different categories of keywords
  • Master the different types of correspondence and how they work
  • Successful contextual and thematic targeting
  • Estimate a budget and establish performance indicators

III. Structure and Prioritization of Keyword Lists

  • Prioritize and select based on estimates
  • Organize campaigns and ad groups
  • Workshop: Creating a campaign tree and an ad group tree

IV. Optimal Use of Ad Formats

  • Know the different types of ads and their characteristics
  • Customize ads and dynamic features
  • Discover best practices for ad writing
  • Understand the roles and types of ad extensions
  • Workshop: Creating lists of keywords, ads and extensions

V. Creation and Online Launch of Campaigns

  • Create and set up a Google Ads account
  • Create and set up conversions and site statistics
  • Create and set up campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, extensions
  • Demonstration: Setting up and running a campaign online

VI. Maximizing Your Campaigns

  • Organize and prepare your account for optimization
  • Nomenclature
  • Labels and filters
  • Display of essential metrics
  • Establish winning optimization strategies
  • Keywords and auctions
  • Announcements and extensions
  • Settings
  • Organize your optimization process, steps and priorities

VII. IP Debrief

  • Questions and discussion period
  • Conclusion of the training: 10 point summary


  • A full day from 9am to 5pm
  • Duration : 7 hours (1 day)


  • Everything is included: the teaching material and a certificate of attestation.
  • Required equipment: your laptop