Introduction to Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics


A double-edged sword, digital marketing provides us with more data than ever before. The challenge now lies in making it intelligible and efficient. Google Analytics is an excellent tool to do this, but it is evolving rapidly and its full potential needs to be grasped. Dashboards, real-time data, SMS alerts, automated reports and much more, this training will cover the functionalities that will allow you to overcome this challenge.


  • Understand the different aspects of Google Analytics
  • Learn how to collect information efficiently
  • Understanding the structure of a Google Analytics account
  • Learn how to measure impact with Google Analytics
  • Maximize data analysis
  • Learn how to present information


  • An hour and a half
  • As a group
  • By videoconference (the link will be sent with the ticket)


  • Teaching material
  • Required equipment: laptop computer