Interactive Workshop on Digital Marketing

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  • Virtual

Interactive Workshop on Digital Marketing


Influencer campaigns, how do they really work?

What are the steps to build a website?

What are the ethical issues of digital technology and how do we deal with them?

Should I work in an agency or on the client side?


All these questions will be addressed during the interactive workshop. Or not!

In fact, the content of this training will be entirely customized and live, based on the topics most popular with the participants. The objective is to demystify all aspects of digital marketing that interest students, without taboos or filters.


  • Learn how to use the Facebook Ads platform effectively
  • Learn how to plan and deploy a campaign
  • Learn how to measure and optimize a campaign


  • Two hours
  • In group
  • By videoconference (the link will be sent by email)


  • Teaching material

Required equipment: laptop computer